Pet  Policies

Declawing ... It is an unacceptable practice under any circumstance!

Declawing is not a routine surgery and is painful to the cat. The

procedure itself consists of amputating at the kitty’s first joint of every

single toe. Each toe is painfully ripped from their little bodies; we cannot

endorse this form of mutilation and will not allow any of our babies to

endure such pain. If you intend on declawing, then, an Envycats is NOT

for you. Contact us on tips to help protect your furniture and curtains.


All kittens sold as pets and show alters will have had their altering

surgeries prior to their departure from our home; no exceptions will be

made. The surgery is usually performed when the kittens are around 12

weeks of age giving them a few weeks to recover prior to their

adoption. Our prices include the spay/neuter procedure.

Indoor Cats

Because the majority of Persians lack the natural instincts to defend

themselves, our babies are sold as indoor cats only. They adapt perfectly

well to the inside life, making them the ideal pet for an apartment or a


Shipping and Delivery

We do not ship our pet kittens, but we can meet you part way for a small

fee if you are in the Provinces of Quebec, Ontario and most North

Eastern US states.

Health Guarantees

All kittens go to their new homes with a comprehensible health

guarantee. All details are available in our sales agreement.


All our babies have received 3-in-1 vaccines by a licensed veterinarian

prior to their departure for their new homes.

You will receive health/vaccine certificate signed by out vet as well as

their recommendations and ours that you can share with your own vet.

Sales Agreement

Ask for a copy